I think, there comes a time in every designer´s life when he feels himself ready to show his works, signed with his name, to a lot of people, not only to his employers, colleagues and clients. He´s going to build his personal web site and publish there a few designs as his own Portfolio. In fact, I can be mistaken and other designers don´t feel such desires like to show their work to the whole world, but I do.

It happened to me in year 2000, and one year later I started to be engaged in graphic design.

I remember writing a very small biography or personal profile for myself. I chose ten or eleven of my better design samples and added one of it to the Portfolio section of my website. And thanks to the help of my friend and colleague Alexander the first version of the Aedus.net site has been published in the World Wide Web.

Later there was a second version, featuring some design and layout changes, and third, and fourth, but recently I have decided to reorganize the structure of my site completely. Now you see the fifth version, which is completely redesigned with a new layout and more information.

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