Initially my background was in television. Beginning in 1992 I built a career in broadcast journalism and television production. Over a period of seven years I expanded my field of activity, from that base, to include work as a freelance producer for music videos and computer graphic production.

While working on a music video project I was asked by the client to come up with a design treatment for the CD cover. The design became a great success. In fact, I was quickly pulled away from video production by my growing devotion to full time graphic design. It happened in the summer 1999. Two years later, in March 2002, I achieved with the prestigious Apple Professional Certificate in Apple Publishing Technology. Recently, as with most designers, I have been asked to design for the Internet. In all of my works, both print and new media, I use a clean, modern style of art-design. Under my direction, some interesting web-projects have been realized.

Of course, all the time since I have started working in the graphic design field, I was often invited to different freelance projects. I designed for traditional print applications including, but not limited to, marketing collateral materials, packaging and Corporate ID. I am quite experienced in web and media interactive design and I am planning experiments with Flash animation in the near future. You can see samples of this work in the portfolio section and read about my professional skills in the resume section.

I thrive on the challenges of freelance work, but am also free to relocate to the elsewhere in Europe or to North America, and can comfortably work in a corporate environment.

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