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Let me introduce myself. I am graphic designer and art director with more than 5 years of experience. Over the past years I have created a huge set of designs, from collateral materials to websites and interactive media such as DVD and CD.

I am glad to invite you to visit the pages of my site, where you can find more information about me and take a look at my various works and projects including the latest ones.

If you are looking for a good designer, My Portfolio is the best place to see my work. I believe those few minutes that you are going to spend viewing my portfolio, will give you a picture about my talent and experience.

Go on, explore!

Recently added works
marionsecurityagency.com Desktop Calendar Anniversary Brochure Collage Tickets, Posters, Corporate ID Poster Series design monic.ru 1and1.ru Site Menon

February 22, 2006    marionsecurityagency.com  | read more

Yuri possesses extremely high qualities in regards to attempting to achieve results. He is dedicated to the point of spending countless hours to obtain the desired results for a project. Yuri has a very adequate ability to change at a moments notice.  We have gone through many changes in regards to what our main objectives are in terms of our projects as well as changes in who takes care of certain project, and he has been able to change effectively and quickly.  

Anna Laeder, Creative Director, Leader Creations Intl., USA
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