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It is not often one has the opportunity to reflect on the talents of another whom they have never met; while at the same time draw inspiration from that person.  Yuri is one individual who exemplifies this description!  Being drawn to Yuri by chance during an internet search for assistance in designing a brochure collage; Yuri responded immediately and in every aspect valued our wishes while personifying excellence in graphic design.  His uncanny insight toward our objectives was miraculous; not to mention his conscientiousness, enthusiasm, and attention to detail during the entire project!  Now completed; an elegant and modern collage will grace the twenty-fifth anniversary brochure of our organization.  Yuri's professionalism and ability during the creation of the collage being an enlightening inspiration to Marion Security Agency; he is now engaged in another project for our anniversary celebration.  We are sure all who have partnered with Yuri have the highest regard for his integrity; he certainly has gained our respect and admiration!  It is therefore a distinct pleasure to offer our recommendation of Yuri and his unique and elegant creations to anyone in search of THE BEST!  Thank you Yuri .. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSPIRATION AND THANK YOU FOR YOU!

Marion L. Phillips, CEO


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