How long does the design process take?
It depends on how many other clients I have at the time and what kind of design services do you need. Generally speaking, the easier project is, the less time it will take. And, of course, your own availability to review the work in short time is one factor that may speed up the design process.
Shortly, Logos and Corporate ID packages takes up to 5 business days for first revisions, Print Collaterals usually occupies from 5 to 10 business days. Terms for each project will be defined after you give me enough information and details on it.
I may accept rush jobs at an increase of 50%-100% of the project fee.

How do I see my design work as it is in progress?
I have special server for a client’s access only where you will have personal account and directory inaccessible for other clients. All mockups and revisions in each stage of your project are placed there. You can connect to this server 24/7 over the Internet.

How many design samples do you give to choose from?
Usually, two design samples are given in the Service Agreement. If you consider that more business concepts are required, I can provide you with additional concepts after you accept an extra cost fee.

How will I receive my design project once it is done?
Upon approval of design and remainder payment, you shall have the option of receiving your images via e-mail attachment, FTP uploading and/or CD disk.

How much do you charge for your design services?
The cost of a project depends on the kind of design services, complexity and timeframe because every project requires different services. After gathering as much information about the project as possible, I will provide you a proposal with a fixed price by estimating how many hours I expect to work on project. My rates usually started from $25/hour, but I also ready to discuss my work on budget, which you may already allocate for the project.
I always stand by my quoted price, which is signed in Service Agreement and if you do not change project details you will never have any unexpected charges.

What is your payment plan for design services?
For design jobs totaling under $1000, payment is required for first-time clients at one-half upon start of job and one-half upon completion of job. For projects with a quote of over $1000, an initial payment representing one-third of the estimated total fee is required. The second one-third is billable upon second phase of the project, with the final third due upon completion of the project.

Are you working on PC?
No, I’m working on Macintosh. But I have PC-computer in my network and currently I provide support for users of both operating systems.

Who owns the copyright?
You do! But transfer of full copyright will occur after receipt and clearance of final payment.

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