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It is a very important to me to receive emails from site visitors.

I try to answer on any comments and questions in my mailbox as soon as possible. Usually it occurs in one or two days. Of course, sometimes, when I am working hard, my answers may be late, but never longer than 5 business days. If I don´t answer during this time, please contact me again. It is a possible that because of a network error I didn´t receive your email.

In any situation even if I am in vacation, I check the mailbox regularly (thanks to the Internet). If I have received your message, it will be read and answered. But there is one category of email, which I am usually ignoring. I think you understand what I am talking about. The junk mail automatically moves out from my mailbox (thanks to Apple Mail). So please, do not lose time to send me any advertisements. If I need to buy something I´ll find it by myself.

Thank you.

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