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Let me introduce myself. I am graphic designer and art director with more than 5 years of experience. Over the past years I have created a huge set of designs, from collateral materials to websites and interactive media such as DVD and CD.

I am glad to invite you to visit the pages of my site, where you can find more information about me and take a look at my various works and projects including the latest ones.

If you are looking for a good designer, My Portfolio is the best place to see my work. I believe those few minutes that you are going to spend viewing my portfolio, will give you a picture about my talent and experience.

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February 22, 2006    marionsecurityagency.com  | read more

Dear Yuri! Thank you for professionalism and the fresh look to your job. I admit we had some doubts that our clients will recognize adequately a Japanese styled wall calendar based on photos of thirteen goats and rams. But you had coped excellently with this extravagant inquiry and calendar TT-2003 really pleases eyes and creates good mood. We´d be glad to continue our cooperation.  

Andrey Leonov, Manager of a Department of Innovations and Marketing, Telecom Transport, Russia
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